Friday, July 9, 2010

6 week checkup

Here is Griffie sporting the silk/bamboo baby bonnet I knitted for him!

Griffin and I went to our family doctor for his first checkup. Up until this point, we've been seeing our midwives for some awesome postpartum mommy and baby care but I felt it was time for our doctor to be introduced to the newest babe.

Our doctor is a perfect balance of Eastern and Western medicine -- a doctor of osteopathy who is also trained in traditional Chinese medicine. He is fabulous! I love that he already assumed our babe was homebirthed and nursing. He is not currently my doctor, just our kids doc, but he asked how I was feeling after the birth and when I gave the usual "fine", he asked follow up questions about my level of tiredness, mood, aches and pains and gave suggestions on things to do to help. I think it is great that he's paying attention to mommy needs, which is something very lacking in our society!

So Griffin at just shy of 6 weeks, is 15 pounds and 25 1/4 inches with a 15 3/4 inch head. Which means he's grown just under 4 lbs and 4 1/4 inches (and 3/4in for his head circumference). He is equally off the charts for both his weight and height, which of course he was off the charts for weight when he was born, but that means he is proportional and just genetically predisposed to being big. His older brother Hudson, who is 20 months, has gained 4 lbs since my milk returned! I think it's just another testament to the versatility of breastmilk! I can nourish a 15lbs infant and a 26 lb toddler, with enough left over to soak a few shirts everyday. Hudson's finger & toenails are far less brittle now and his hair is more shiny too! I love that my milk can fill the nutritional gaps in his picky toddler diet.

Griffin smiles and coos and is such a doll baby. Just being around him makes our plans of this being our last baby almost fly right out the window!.....almost

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