Sunday, January 9, 2011

Griffie is 7 months!

And I cannot believe it!

He is still just a happy smiley guy and is keeping us on our toes! He is so close to crawling and even though he hasn't quite mastered it yet, he has no problems getting all over the place. Griffin is called Griffie, Griffers, Griffles (like sniffles) and whenever he is not with mommy, one of his siblings always wants to be with him. He is wearing size 18month clothing, babbling up a storm and cutting teeth! He sleep very well (with his Mommy of course!) and has just started taste-testing a few foods like guacamole, pickles, bread and yogurt...courtesy of his older toddler brother.

I still feel like he is always just my 4 month old little baby and am surprised by how strong he is. We are looking forward to the next 6 months in which I'm sure he will begin the mobile stage and we will be go go go even more!