Thursday, May 3, 2012

Almost 2 years old!

I am a slacker, or rather I've allowed Facebook to take over my time so that all my kid updates occur there and not here. Apologies for anyone who is still actually following this blog!

So this is Griffin Ranger, the curly haired angel boy. He is so sweet and is my most cuddly little guy. If all toddlers were like him, I'd have 10 more! It is really a joy to be his Mommy and I am really looking forward to each moment with him. 

 He is such the little duckling and follows me around everywhere. He loves to help out with things and to explore, as long as Mommy comes too! He turns around and says "Mommy! C'mon! C'mon!"
 His favorite foods are anything that I'm eating, especially if it's spicy! And he also loves "Bubarb!" which would make 3 out of 4 of the Gerrits kids a fan of their Great Grandpa Johnson's Rhubarb that is growing in our backyard.
 He loves to play with his siblings and is always doing something with them. Hudson and Griffin like to get into mischief together! He calls his siblings "Mahlin! (Madelyn)" "JoJay! (Jonas)" and "Hushin! (Hudson)"
It's hard to believe it's been 2 years already. Can't imagine my life without this sweet amazing little boy.